Saturday, 7 April 2012


Yes, for all of those doubters amongst you this is the beginning of the promotion party!!

I know what you're thinking, he's tempting fate, "these people who want to know which game will promotion be sealed at are going to be the death of us"!! Unfortunately that is simply not the case, if it was we would not be where we are now.  It was 1st May 2011 that I broke the news of our promotion in 2012 so I've been tempting fate ever since and look where we are!!

It's going to be another tough game and I have to say I'm not expecting glorious footy, in fact Oldham always seem to bring out the draw in us.  I'll be on my way in just over an hour and for those of you who are having doubts or think we are struggling of late remember we are EIGHT points clear of third, although NINE with goal difference, I believe there is a reason for that unless of course it's fate!!

I do not believe in a fate that falls on all men however they act; but I do believe in a fate that falls on them unless they act.

Monday, 19 March 2012

It wasn't that bad!

OK so it wasn't the win we all craved for and it was a bit hairy in the second half.  All-in-all though it steadied the ship and we didn't really look like losing, in my opinion of course!
The penalty was down to a little lack of confidence in the back five, basically I don't think Morrison believed Hamer when he called for it!  Other than that and one or two minor scares in the second half it was not too bad and Waggy could of won it if he'd connected with his left foot.
So onwards now to Yeovil, who look a tricky test tomorrow night, but with two new faces in the building I'm expecting a better performance and the three points to be ours.

This probably won't be my last post for a while as I sense the need amongst my fellow Addicks for reassurance. Please don't worry, it will be OK, SCP knows what he's doing and I'm still confident of Carlisle away!

Faith sees the invisible, believes the unbelievable, and receives the impossible.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

The Wheels Have Come Off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know, I know, it's been seven months since my last post and you all thought I was just some fair weather blogger who clearly couldn't be bothered anymore!  How wrong you were!

You see, for the two of you who were reading my posts back then, it was pretty obvious what this blog was all about, and if it wasn't the clue was just underneath the title!!

So after a few games it became obvious my optimism was hardly needed.  Lets face it, there cannot be many fans who haven't thought nearly all season, "this is it, we're on our way"!

But now, oh my dear Lord, we're really in trouble aren't we.  Thank goodness we can't get relegated, because on current form we are heading DOWN!

People please, let's have a reality check.  We are NINE points clear of second place and I guarantee that EVERY single fan of EVERY single club in our league would swap places with us now in a blink of an eye.

What the team needs now is our total support, booing when they have clearly had a bad half is not acceptable, supporting them through thick and thin is what it is all about.

I sometimes wonder why I am more inclined to go to games when we have lost than when we have won!  It can only be that the joy you feel when we win again is greater (hard to believe I know) than when you are winning every week.

To that end I shall be on my way up the A1 this weekend to watch the boys and give my vocal support.  You won't get a report of the game on this blog, you may not even hear from me for another six months, after all I'm only really needed when things are going badly!!

In prosperity our fans know us; in adversity we know our fans.

I apologise for the plagiarism! 

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Optimist, Pessimist or Just a Realist

So where did you stand at half time yesterday??

After a home draw with Scunthorpe, who were at least as good as us and a home win over Championship side Reading and that was with our second string (allegedly!), the trip to Bury was a chance to extend our unbeaten run.

As you are aware, I'm absolutely useless at telling how we are playing, realistically.  At half time I felt that, although Bury were passing slightly better than us, neither team really had a worthwhile shot on target and things weren't too bad. The free kick, which reminded me of Derby at home a few season's ago, was their only shot and Mr Hamer was caught napping in the same way as Deano (a half time guest on the pitch) was.
We certainly weren't at our best but they weren't causing us any problems so things could only get better, I hoped.

Since I fall well and truly into the optimist camp, (it's how I have managed to follow Charlton for more years than I care to think about without going completely mad) my thoughts are usually not worth listening to!  The realist in me never ventures out, in fact I'm not sure he really exists.  At 6-1 down with about 15mins to go I still thought we had a chance of a draw at home to Leeds back in 2003!!
So as the second half kicked off, my main thought was the same as during that game against Derby "It is very ungentlemanly to take a free kick when the keeper is still arranging his wall and frankly you don't deserve to win if you do!!"

I think my God agrees with me, because on both occasions, Derby and now Bury, it came to pass that they got what they deserved, absolutely nothing!  It did get a bit bizarre at one point when we were given a free kick just outside the box.  Our lads thought they would do the same (tut tut!), Bury spotted it, we changed our minds, we thought about it again, Bury spotted it, we changed our minds again and then just kicked the ball into the wall.  Heaven knows what would have happened if we'd done the same to them, it doesn't bear thinking about.  On that point why doesn't anybody try something a little different?  Argentina v England anybody!

Anyway I digress a little, basically it was a game of two halves (he he!) and we were always going to win once they scored from that free kick!

I wasn't able to focus on any one player, in fact I'm finding it increasingly difficult to do so.  It takes far too much concentration and I start to get a headache!!  I don't think my brain was meant to work that hard and certainly not while I'm watching Charlton.  So suffice to say they all played a lot better in the second half and Bury didn't really cause us many problems, basically we were better than them!  That's as far as my in depth analysis of the game goes!

So whatever you are remember

Love is better than anger, hope is better than fear, optimism is better than despair.  So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic and we will change the world!!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Paul Hayes

This blogging business can be difficult at times!  Two games in four days and lots of mining to do here at Happy Valley meant that I hadn't been able to write anything about the game up at Notts County before we were off again to that 'lovely' stadium in Colchester.
So I decided to combine the two games and just follow the exploits of Mr Hayes in both, although a side view from one end of the ground at Notts C. wasn't the greatest for this sort of thing.
I think I can report, without fear of contradiction, that Paul Hayes is probably the best centre forward we've had for some time.  His hold up play is excellent, his layoffs seem controlled and accurate but above all that he seems to have a great eye for a pass. At Notts C. he laid the ball on a plate for Scotty Wagstaff for the first and last night he provided a number of scoring opportunities with precise passes.  He drops deep when he needs/has to and can still win headers (the second last night) and be in the right place at the right time (the second on Saturday).  The only problem seems to be that he is able to produce passes/flicks for players who aren't quite on his wavelength yet and don't move to where he thinks they will.  Other than that he looks a whole lot better than pre-season seemed to show.  In fact it raises the question of who would come in if he were injured and looking at the bench/reserves this is probably the one area I am most concerned about.  However, since I don't actually bother worrying about these things until they happen (mainly 'cos there's nothing I can do about it) and also since SCP seems to know what he's doing, so far things are looking very good indeed!

As for the matches, I can report that Notts County threw the proverbial kitchen sink at us on Saturday.  I would have thought Ibuprofen would have been prescribed for the back four at the end and I'm not sure they used the centre third of the pitch at all during the second half.  We seemed to stand up quite well to the task, apart from the one corner, so that bodes well for the more agricultural teams.

The Colchester game was completely different in the sense that the result, in my opinion, was never in doubt.  What looked a tough game on paper turned out to be anything but, we bossed the midfield, only had a couple of problems at the back and should really have won  more easily.

So if you haven't seen them yet, don't miss Scunthorpe on Saturday it should be a real treat.

Just one note of caution, for the less forgiving amongst you, if we go a goal down or even, heaven forbid, lose or draw the game, don't start giving them stick, don't start booing just give them all the support you can.  I don't think I can emphasise enough how much help we as fans can be.  To make The Valley a fortress needs our help as well, even if it ends in tears they are far more likely to win the next home game if they've had our support than if they haven't!


A mistake is not a failure.  It is something that goes wrong.. and then you fix it.  You never fail until you stop trying!

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Dale Stephens

Well was that a good game or a bad one?  I'm not really the right person to give a report on the game or even to comment on what we did well and what we did badly.  I sometimes wonder if I have watched the same game as other people so you won't be getting that from me this season, in my opinion Wyn Grant's blog provides the best report you can ask for so I'll leave that to him.  I thought this season I would try to concentrate on one player and see how he performs throughout the match.
Dale Stephens was the one player we added to our squad who I was most curious about, he was signed from Oldham potentially as a direct replacement for Therry Racon who lets face it, had flattered to deceive for quite a few seasons.  I really wanted to like Racon, he always looked like he could do the business for us but just never seemed to rise to the occasion, in every game he played I was willing him to stand up and be counted.
So when Stephens ran out wearing the number eight shirt I felt it was a real opportunity to see if this season things would be different.  I tell you what, that Chris Powell fella can find a player!
The man seemed to be everywhere, his goal was taken superbly and he certainly can pick a pass.  At one point in the first half Stephens was pressing the ball on our right side touchline, with the ball moved over to the Bournemouth right wing, I'm not sure how, he suddenly appeared almost from nowhere, won the ball and set up another attacking play.  Let us all be honest here, did you ever see that from Racon and more to the point when was the last time Racon scored at home?
He was our standout player yesterday and there were many good performances all over the pitch.  His tireless running, eye for a pass and ultimately his ability (albeit only seen in one game) to get on the end of a pass to score mean in that position the improvement over last year is 100%.
As for the game, with my totally biased hat on, it was great to watch, we will certainly improve and for the first time in a while I was pretty confident we would win from almost the first whistle.
So as I said I will leave it to others to discuss whether we were good or bad I'm just ecstatic with the win, I thought we looked good and that's all I could really ask for.  As messrs.  Hanson, Lawrenson and Shearer say "You can only beat what is put in front of you".
Next week will be a different story I am sure, away and at the League leaders (albeit joint), I'll be there to bring you a totally biased view through red coloured glasses.  Not sure yet who I will focus on, any ideas greatly received.

For now though my promotion prediction is feeling quite good.


If winning isn't everything, why do they keep score?

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Here We Go!

This is it folks!!  It all starts in four days time and the blogging world will be full of opinions come Saturday at 5pm.  I have to be honest and tell you all I am a very simple man, I have read other blogs and message boards with interest over the summer, the motives behind the owners, the ability of Rhoys Wiggins to defend, does Chris Powell really know what he's doing and why did we sign two centre backs who are 6ft or less.  The fact is I don't have a clue about any of it, I am the man who thought Peter Hunt was a great midfield enforcer, Martin Pringle was the next Clive Mendonca and Francis Jeffers was the man to get us goals!  I have learnt over the years to go with my heart over my head, I'm probably wrong more times than I'm right, it's definitely harder to cope with when you are wrong but believe me when you're right, boy is it a great feeling.
The pessimists out  there will tell you the defense isn't fast enough, tall enough or experienced enough, we only have one forward who can score goals, the midfield is good but then again it was meant to be good last year and who knows whats going on between the sticks!
If you really think about it though what is the point in believing anything other than "we will get promotion"?  Do you really want to go there on Saturday believing it's going to be another awful season, or that the best we can hope for is a play-off spot?
The players know promotion is the aim, so do the fans even if they don't believe it.  So go there on Saturday knowing we are going to win, knowing we will be promoted, sing your hearts out, support the team, no matter what the score we will be going up.  Don't boo them if it's not great, don't shout abuse this is your team and they need your support from now until May (well April actually, we'll be up by then!).  Go on tell me you're not even just a little bit excited.

A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.